20th Anniversary: Celebrating two decades of shaping young leaders for peace

FFC celebrates its 20th Anniversary in September 2013. As we reach this milestone, it is an appropriate time to reflect back on the work we’ve done and to look forward to the work we still wish to do.

ffc3Since 1993, FFC’s vision has stayed strong: We envision today’s youth as tomorrow’s leaders for peace. Our mission is to nurture those future leaders and our role is to support young, creative and dedicated visionaries already creating a peaceful world.

During 2013, FFC has engaged in conversations with various communities and reflected on how we can best further our mission in the coming years. Our next steps will build on the solid foundation we’ve established and further expand our reach for a lasting and thoughtful impact on tomorrow’s leaders.

One of the ways this will be done is through the Speaking Truth curriculum and documentary film project. With examples of past and present leaders for peace and justice, high school students will learn how to cultivate the courage and direction that is needed for effective social action.

We will also continue our longest-running and most successful program, our Youth Leadership Grants. Applicants research the Abrahamic religious traditions, investigating topics related to peace, leadership, and social justice, and then apply the wisdom from this study to develop a creative project to benefit their community, their nation, or the world. Through their grant projects, students learn the practical skills needed to change society for the better. This endeavor has been a meaningful experience for both FFC and the grant recipients as we have watched grantees grow and inspire others, while their projects bloom into moving examples of social change.

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