Rachel Solomon, Youth Leadership Grant Recipient

Rachel Solomon
Rockville High School, Maryland

“The Female Potential”, Interfaith Works’ Clothing Center in Montgomery County, MD

Rachel Solomon is the Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator of Pathways Inc. in Southern Maryland. She graduated in Spring 2017 from St. Mary’s College of Maryland with a B.A. in Psychology and Spanish and a minor in Neuroscience. Rachel began her journey with Fund for the Future of our Children when she won the Youth Leadership Grant in 2013. She has continued to dedicate herself to leadership, social justice, and the quest for knowledge.

Essay and Project Summary

My essay examines the trait of compassion and how it allows Yocheved, Mary, and Khadija to reach their potential. To practice the values the women display in their lives, I will create a teen group that supports women in poverty who are unable to buy clothing for themselves and their families.


Women are valued for their compassion, but it is impossible to be compassionate without the means to do so. It is my obligation to relieve the suffering of those with the potential for good, so no one has to save the word alone.