Ogechi Nwodim, Youth Leadership Grant Recipient

Ogechi Nwodim
Glenelg Country School, Maryland

“Volleying the Turmoil of Females”, Women for Women International, Nigeria

I am a 16-year-old junior at Glenelg Country School. The moment that I transferred to this school in 10th grade, I knew that I had to take each opportunity laid out before me. As a result, I joined the volleyball and basketball team, began to perform in numerous musical performances, have been inducted in the National Honor Society and have been a leader of the BAC club. I also am a volunteer at my church’s kid’s Sunday school and play the piano there also. Through all these various in-school and out-of-school activities, I learn to become a better world citizen. These influences that circulate through me encourage me to share my ideas and opinions with the world.

Essay and Project Summary

My essay displays the ways Yocheved, Khadija, and Mary influenced religion significantly during challenging times. I hope that through my project I will be able to display the value of women today. I will hold a large volleyball tournament where other schools will be invited participate. All proceeds will go to Women for Women International and their work in Nigeria.


As I researched for the essay, I learned so much more about myself than I thought was possible. The idea that women are truly treated as substandard citizens around the world became very real to me. Prior to my research, there was this idea that although women are mistreated, they are generally treated as equals. However, through my research I learned that it is quite the contrary. In fact, women are in a blessed environment if they are treated as equals in their society. As a result, it became apparent to me that society sees what they want to see. If reality is harsh, then it is often ignored or at least not given any spotlight. This research helped me to question the basic ideas about the world that society accepts as true.