7th Annual Youth Leadership Grants

“Present at the Beginning: Celebrating Three Women and Three Faiths”

The 2011-2012 Youth Leadership Grants topic centered on three women from the Abrahamic faiths: Yocheved, mother of Moses; Mary, mother of Jesus; and Khadija, wife of Muhammad. While the lives of these women were quite different, each faced great hardship while exemplifying the qualities of patience, strength and enduring faith. Each was also important in the lives of the founding fathers of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Watch the 7th Annual Youth Leadership Grants Awards Ceremony video.

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7th Children of Abraham Youth Leadership Grant Recipients

ashiq_smSarah Ashiqueali, Nova High School, Davie, FL
Empowering Motherhood: Health to Future in Pakistan.
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ashiq_smNike Awotunde, Glenelg Country School, MD
Science Lab at Oyan Grammar School, Western Nigeria
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ashiq_smLanre Faderin, Glenelg Country School, MD
Fruit and Vegetable Stand at the Howard County, MD Food Bank Gardens
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ashiq_smOgechi Nwodim, Glenelg Country School, MD
Volleying the Turmoil of Females, Women For Women International, Nigeria
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ashiq_smRachel Solomon, Rockville High School, MD
The Female Potential, Interfaith Works’ Clothing Center in Montgomery County, MD
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7th Children of Abraham Youth Leadership Matching Grant Recipients

ashiq_smKikanae Punyua, University of Maryland, College Park, MD
Osiligi Hope Foundation, Narok, Kenya
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ashiq_smAleena Warich, Glenelg Country School, MD
Better Future for the Stranger, World Education Foundation, Pakistan
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