Tala Ahmadi, Youth Leadership Grant Recipient

Tala Ahmadi, 2010-2011 Grant Recipient
Glenelg Country School
Click here for an article in the Baltimore Sun about Tala’s project

“The Uniting of Strangers Through the Enjoyment of Soccer”

Tala Ahmadi is a sophomore at Glenelg Country School. Her heritage is a mix between Iranian and American, and she is bi-lingual in English and Farsi. Tala is a member of the Glenelg Country School mock trial team, and thoroughly enjoys debate. She has a passion for service to the community as well as the world through bringing happiness and safety to others. She greatly enjoys international travel and enriching her own life with an understanding of various cultures and traditions. She loves to write as well as read literature from all time periods and from all the continents of the world.

Essay and Project Summary

“My essay reveals the manners in which the three Abrahamic faiths preach welcoming the stranger, clearly expresses my personal opinion on welcoming the stranger, and finally relates welcoming the stranger to the modern day issue of immigration. In my essay I analyze sections of the Torah, Bible, and Quran and then relate those specific excerpts to the concept of welcoming a stranger. My essay establishes my own opinion on how to welcome a stranger and the benefits of a stranger who feels accepted in the comfort of a stranger. Lastly, I introduce the law, SB 1070, which contradicts the fundamental rights of Americans as well as promotes racial profiling. “

“My project proposal is a world cup on a miniature scale. By partnering my school, Glenelg Country School, with one of high immigration, my project will be able to unite strangers as well as decrease common prejudices amongst the teammates. My project proposal promotes diversity, peace, and acceptance through a universal sport loved globally: soccer.”


“Understanding the needs of others, the cries of others, and the desperation of others, and then utilizing one’s own talents to address those needs represent an equally rewarding manner to welcome a stranger.”