Clara Eder, Youth Leadership Grant Recipient

Clara Eder, 2010-2011 Grant Recipient
James Madison High School

“Act for Autism”

A sophomore at James Madison High School, Clara can usually be found in the props room of the Madison drama department. When she ventures out into the world, she participates in her school’s Amnesty International chapter as treasurer and works as a costumed interpreter at a colonial living history museum. She also enjoys reading and playing guitar. She hopes to study genetics in the future.

Essay and Project Summary

All of the Abrahamic faiths teach acceptance of others. In today’s world, however, autistic people are often pushed to the periphery of society. By offering a summer drama class that teaches social skills to both autistic and non-autistic students, I hope to help autistic people to develop social skills and be accepted by their peers and to foster understanding of autism among non-autistic teens.


“By speaking to followers of other faiths, I have seen that it does not matter what god or prophet people venerate; it seems that every religion calls on its followers to make the world a better place through actions and moral decision.”