6th Annual Youth Leadership Grants

“Welcoming the Stranger”

The 2010-2011 Abraham Youth Leadership Grants topic was “Welcoming the Stranger”. Much in today’s world makes people strangers.  Many people are dislocated and made immigrants or refugees through “economic development,” ecological disasters, famine, poverty, war and violence.  Displaced persons are often separated from families and face poverty.  Still others, while perhaps not homeless, feel like exiles and seek a sense of home, tradition and community.

The Abrahamic traditions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) have passed along wisdom on how to treat such “strangers” to our nation or community. The teachings of these faiths have been exemplified in the lives of their leaders (Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad).

The 2010-2011 Youth Leadership Grants focused on what can be learned from these traditions, the lives of their leaders, and how one can apply this wisdom to our contemporary societies.

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6th Children of Abraham Youth Leadership Grant Recipients

Tala Ahmadi, Glenelg Country School
“The Uniting of Strangers Through the Enjoyment of Soccer”

Hannah Ball-Brau, Washington International School
“Hospitality by the Homeless”

Minahil Choudry, Glenelg Country School
“Opening Doors with Open Minds”

Clara Eder, James Madison High School
“Act for Autism”

Lital Firestone, Walter Johnson High School
Teens Unite for Troops

Kikanae Punyua, Glenelg Country School
“Hospitality/Osiligi (Hope) Foundation”

Aleena Warich, Glenelg Country School
“A Better Future for the Stranger

Matt Bouvier, Katie Gorman, Kara Knights, Rebekah Lizotte, Erika Rothberg, Ian Whalen
Group application, Hudson High School
“Schools for Sudan”

Matching Grant Recipients

Fahad Ahsan, Glenelg Country School
Special Education and Training Center in Lahore,  Pakistan

Victor Crentsil, Glenelg Country School
“Help to Orphans (H20)”

Veronica Ferris, Washington International School
“Youth Dinners with Shelter Residents”

Rishabh  Khatri, Glenelg Country School
“Health for Haiti”