Youth Leadership Grants Program

DevikaEarthGirlThis program, along with the Children of Abraham Awards Ceremonies, is possible through the generous collaboration of Campus Ministry at Georgetown University.

The remarkable initiative displayed by participants in the Children of Abraham Peace Essay Contest motivated FFC to invest in both the particular projects they have undertaken and also their personal development as our future leaders. These high school students have researched the Abrahamic religious traditions, investigating topics like peace, leadership, and social justice, and used that knowledge to propose a creative project to benefit their community, their nation, or the world. Our leadership program is modeled after the highly successful micro-loan program for private businesses in developing countries started by Muhammad Yunus, the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize winner.

Youth Leadership Grants are presented to 10th and 11th grade students on the basis of the creativity, relevance, and viability of their proposed projects. We have found that the grant awards have far-reaching effects for these students, who have found themselves engaging with both family and community in new ways as they bring their chosen cause to the attention of concerned individuals.

Past Leadership Grants

2011-2012 Youth Leadership Grants

Topic: The women present at the founding of the three faiths, Yocheved, Mary and Khadija

ashiq_smSarah Ashiqueali, Nova High School, Davie, FL
“Empowering Motherhood: Health to Future in Pakistan”
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ashiq_smNike Awotunde, Glenelg Country School, MD
Science Lab at Oyan Grammar School, Western Nigeria
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ashiq_smLanre Faderin, Glenelg Country School, MD
Fruit and Vegetable Stand at the Howard County, MD Food Bank Gardens
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ashiq_smOgechi Nwodim, Glenelg Country School, MD
“Volleying the Turmoil of Females”, Women For Women International, Nigeria
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ashiq_smRachel Solomon, Rockville High School, MD
“The Female Potential”, Interfaith Works’ Clothing Center in Montgomery County, MD
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Ibrahim “Anyars” Salih, Glenelg Country School, MD
Salih Self-Development Center, Kumasi, Ghana
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2010-2011 Youth Leadership Grants

Topic: Welcoming the stranger through the wisdom of the three faiths



Tala Ahmadi, Glenelg Country School, MD
“The Uniting of Strangers Through the Enjoyment of Soccer”
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HannahBallBrauCommunityTamaladaHannah Ball-Brau, Washington International School, DC
“Hospitality by the Homeless”
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Minahil Choudry, Glenelg Country School, MD
“Opening Doors with Open Minds”
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Clara Eder, James Madison High School
“Act for Autism”
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Lital Firestone, Walter Johnson High School
“Teens Unite for Troops”
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Kikanae Punyua, Glenelg Country School, MD
Osiligi Hope Foundation, Narok, Kenya
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Aleena Warich, Glenelg Country School, MD
“Better Future for the Stranger”, World Education Foundation, Pakistan
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IMG_5646Matt Bouvier, Katie Gorman, Kara Knights, Rebekah Lizotte, Erika Rothberg, Ian Whalen
Group application, Hudson High School, MA
“Schools for Sudan”


2009-2010 Youth Leadership Grants

Topic: Compassion in action as exemplified by the leaders of the three Abrahamic faiths

Daniel Roza, Mercersberg Academy, PA
“Breaking Bread, Breaching Barriers”, Uniting Israelis and Palestinians
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Rishabh Khatri, Glenelg Country School, MD
“Health for Haiti”
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Shayna Solomon, Ezra Wexler, and Sarah Schwartz, Montgomery Blair High School, MD
“Social Action For Everyone (SAFE)”
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Veronica Ferris, Washington International School, DC
“Hands On”, Youth Dinners with Shelter Residents
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Victor Crentsil, Glenelg Country School, MD
“Help To Orphans (H20)”
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Fahad Ahsan, Glenelg Country School, MD
“Operation Smile”
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2008-2009 Youth Leadership Grants

Topic: Responsible environmental stewardship through the values taught by the Abrahamic religions

Check out this video from the 2008-2009 grant recipients!



Andrew L. Franklin, Glenelg Country School, MD
Baltimore Station Greenhouse
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Diana Jeang, Montgomery Blair High School, MD
“Green Trading”
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LailaHandooLaila Handoo, Glenelg Country School, MD
Care for the Mentally Ill, Srinigar, Kashmir
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2007-2008 Youth Leadership Grants

Topic: Causes and consequences of corruption and the models offered by the Abrahamic faiths for overcoming it


Devika Jaipuriar, Glenelg Country School, MD
“Earth Girl”
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Jonathan Kesten, Montgomery Blair High School, MD
“School Girls Unite”
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2006-2007 Youth Leadership Grants


Priya Agarwal-Harding, Glenelg Country School, MD
“Girls’ Empowerment (G-Power)”
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Melissa Mergner, Montgomery Blair High School, MD
Korean Reunification and Child Trafficking Films
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