Peace of Mind


FFC is partnering with Peace of Mind to bring
The Peace of Mind Curriculum to Title 
I Schools

The Peace of Mind program integrates the best practices in teaching Mindfulness, Social and Emotional Learning and Conflict Resolution into one curriculum series for elementary school students.

Peace of Mind recognizes mindfulness as the essential foundation for students’ acquisition and mastery of social and emotional skills and conflict resolution tools.

The mission of Peace of Mind is to create kinder, more inclusive schools, reducing bullying and increasing student engagement, by helping students:

Prepare themselves to learn: Students calm themselves and focus their attention.

Form healthy relationships: Students develop the habits of kindness and compassion.

Solve conflicts skillfully: Students become peacemakers who know how to stand up against bullying

Developed for and with elementary school students in Washington DC, The Peace of Mind Curriculum has been successfully piloted in classrooms in Washington DC and Maryland, and is now available to any interested school.

FFC is offering grants of $100 to up to 10 Title I schools in 2018 to enable them to purchase the curriculum guides and materials needed to put Peace of Mind to work in their classrooms.

To apply for support, please fill out the Application for Peace of Mind Support here.

For more information about the Peace of Mind Curriculum, please click here: