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FFC is approaching its 20th Anniversary in September 2013. As we reach this milestone, it is an appropriate time to reflect back on the work we’ve done and to look forward to the work we still wish to do.

Since 1993, FFC’s vision has stayed strong: We envision today’s youth as tomorrow’s leaders for peace. Our mission is to nurture those future leaders and our role is to support young, creative and dedicated visionaries already creating a peaceful world.

Most recently, FFC has promoted its vision through Youth Leadership Grants. Applicants research the Abrahamic religious traditions, investigating topics like peace, leadership, and social justice, and then apply the wisdom from this study to develop a creative project to benefit their community, their nation, or the world. This endeavor has been a meaningful experience for both FFC and the grant recipients as we have watched grantees grow and inspire others, while their projects bloom into moving examples of social change.

During 2013, FFC will engage in conversations with various communities and reflect on how we can best further our mission in the coming years. Our next steps will build on the solid foundation we’ve established and further expand our reach for a lasting and thoughtful impact on tomorrow’s leaders.

FFC Students Honored to Be Participants in 13th Congressional Civil Rights Pilgrimage.

Five students, with previous involvement in FFC programs, are participants in the Faith & Politics Institute’s 13th Congressional Civil Rights Pilgrimage, March 1-3. These students are embarking on a civic-minded and spiritual journey to learn about the Civil Rights Movement and to reflect on how their own faith imparts wisdom on their choices and actions as leaders.

The students will also contribute to an inspirational documentary video highlighting “speaking truth to power” through a series of conversations with the FFC youth of different faiths and nationalities about nonviolent social action and the life and work of the great leader of nonviolent social change – The Honorable John Lewis.

The documentary will examine Congressman Lewis’ influences and experiences throughout the Civil Rights Movement, and how his own spiritual wisdom and strength has enabled him to be a peaceful changemaker. The focus will be on the true connections between Congressman Lewis and the selected FFC youth, reaching beyond the apparent differences of age, sex or religion and how spiritual wisdom informs practical, positive action. With this video, FFC hopes to inspire the next generation of young leaders to become social activitist with their spiritual beliefs at the foundation.

Melissa Mergner, former FFC grant recipient and NYU Film School student, will produce and direct the documentary.

Past Youth Grant Award Ceremony Keynote Speakers

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About FFC

Since 1993, the Fund for the Future of Our Children (FFC) has taken as its mission the support and encouragement of leadership qualities in today’s youth.
In 2005, FFC began the Children of Abraham Youth Leadership Awards; inviting high school students to explore questions about the commonalities among the Abrahamic faiths and implement community projects which bring to life the deep teachings of the three faiths. FFC believes that young people, not having yet developed a “self interest” perspective on the world, can bring forth a multitude of changes, and investing in this group goes a long way.


The Fetzer Institute honored FFC by designating us as a recipient of their Common Cause Award, which is granted to an organization that shares in the common work of the Institute – “to serve those who are turning the tide of our times from fear and violence to love and forgiveness.” This $10,000 grant will enable FFC to continue to support youth as they develop into the leaders of tomorrow.


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