Priya Agarwal-Harding, Youth Leadership Grant Recipient

Priya Agarwal-Harding, 2006-2007 Grant Recipient

Update, September 2016:

Priya graduated from Wellesley College in 2012 with a double major in Peace and Justice Studies (Political Science concentration) and English, and completed her graduate studies in Human Rights at University College London in the U.K. She continues working as a leader for peace as the Program Facilitator for the Multi-Donor Second Health Sector Support Program (UNICEF), Cambodia.

Girls’ Empowerment (G-Power)

Priya Agarwal-Harding, formerly a student at Glenelg Country School, works with an organization in India called PRAYAS, which offers shelter and other aid to victims of child-trafficking. Priya was able to spend some time during the winter of 2007-2008 and the summer of 2008 working again with PRAYAS in India. The organization has launched a project they are calling “Girls’ Empowerment” (G-Power for short) in honor of her effort, which Priya will direct utilizing the award money and other money she has raised.

“The Fund for the future of our Children’s support was instrumental in helping me raise these resources and be an advocate for PRAYAS and to begin the G-power project in India. My initial essay that I submitted to the Peace essay contest in 2006 which received Honorable Mention, and the FFC’s subsequent support for my work with PRAYAS helped me maintain my focus and enthusiasm for this work and became pivotal in helping me be an advocate for the issue of child trafficking in India. Through this support I was able to raise a total of $8,500 over the course of two years. Two thousand of which was provided to me on a grant by FFC. I hope to return to PRAYAS next year to continue my work with G-power and to continue to learn about child trafficking issues.” – Priya Agarwal-Harding

Watch the film that Priya made with Melissa Mergner about PRAYAS: