Esssay Contest 2006-2007

“A New Leadership Model Inspired by Moses, Jesus, and Mohammad”

Awardees 07The kick-off event for the 2006-2007 Children of Abraham Peace Essay Contest was held on November 12th in the McShain Lounge of Georgetown University. The theme was “A New Leadership Model Inspired by Moses, Jesus, and Mohammad.” In addition to presentations by scholars and clergy, winners of the 2005-2006 essay contest engaged in a panel discussion.

Essays were submitted by students from many ethnic groups, religions, and cultural backgrounds. Awardees were honored at the April awards ceremony held at Georgetown University, at which essayists had an opportunity to address the gathering and present a summary of their work. Also, the first Teacher’s Award for Peace Advocacy was presented to Lansing Freeman of Montgomery Blair High School, who had mentored many of the contest winners. Several of the winners of the previous year’s contest were on hand to present a moving testimony to the ways in which their participation in the essay contest had influenced their lives. A reception followed.



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The 2006-2007 Children of Abraham Peace Essay Contest question read:

Part 1: How did Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad model leadership for peace through their lives and teachings?

Part 2: Choose a community or an area of conflict, and describe how the example of Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad would help you promote peaceful coexistence.

Award Winners

First Place – Mandeep Singh Bedi (Montgomery Blair High School)
“Moses, Jesus, Muhammad – Leaders of Peace”

Second PlaceMelissa Mergner (Montgomery Blair High School)
“Peace for Halabeioji”

Third Place – Sharif Kronemer (Springbrook High School)
“The Enduring Models”

Fourth Place – Dalia Deak (Islamic Saudi Academy)
“Teachings of Moses, Jesus and Muhammad”

Fourth Place – Isel Otero-Vera (Walter Johnson High School)
“Peace Essay”

Fourth Place – Melanie Snail (Montgomery Blair High School)
“The Prohets Who Lived to Achieve Peace”

Fourth Place – Lauren Sumida (Montgomery Blair High School)
“Leadership for Peace: The Prohet’s Tecahing anf Their Application Today”

Honorable Mention Priya Agarwal-Harding (Glenelg Country School)
“A Noble Path to Noble Peace”

Honorable Mention – Gleb Drobkov (St. Albans High School)
“Steps to Coexistence in the 21st Century”

Honorable Mention – Alicia Fuhrman (Robinson Secondary School)
“Coexistence: A Modern Practical Approach”

Honorable Mention – Kenneth Fung (Robinson Secondary School)
“The Peace Trio”

Honorable Mention – Mona Moustafa Meky (Islamic Saudi Academy)
“Prophets Moses, Jesus and Muhammad”

Honorable Mention – Valli Sanmugalingam (Walter Johnson High School)
“Leading for Love”

Honorable Mention – Youmna Sherif (Islamic Saudi Academy)
“Peace and Extraordinary Leadership: The Role of Compassion, Selflessness and Mercy”

Honorable Mention – Benjamin Shih (Montgomery Blair High School)
“Prophet Initiative”

On-Line Mentors

Rabbi A. Nathan Abramowitz, Faculty, Theology Department, Georgetown University

Nouredine Ale-Ali, PhD, Author and Islamic Scholar

John Deken, High School Teacher, Columbia, Missouri

David Gage, Ph.D., Founder, BMC Associates

Michael Goldman, Jewish Chaplain, Georgetown University Law and Medical Centers

Nancy Petschek-Kohn, Director, Juvenile Anti-Bias Education Program

Molly Linehan, High School Campus Minister, Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin School

Fr. William McFadden, S.J., Faculty, Theology Department, Georgetown University

Zachary McIntyre, High School Teacher, Guymon, Oklahoma

Kenneth E. McNeil, Senior Partner, Susman Godfrey LLP

Sabree Muhammad, High School Teacher, Bronx, New York

June Murray-Crawford, High School Teacher, Hudson, Massachusetts

Professor Sulayman S. Nyang, Professor of African Studies, Howard University

Muhammad Shafi, Ph.D., CEO,  Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Dar al Islam

Essay Judges

Karima Diane Alavi, former Director, Dar al  Islam Teachers’ Institute

Andrew R. Ammerman, CEO,  Ammerman Investment Partnership

Imam Yahya Hendi, Muslim Chaplain, Georgetown University

Reverend Raymond B. Kemp, Resident Senior Fellow, Woodstock Theological Center,  Georgetown University

Josetta (“Jo”) Owen, Teacher, Volunteer, and Philanthropist

Jorge Romero, Attorney, K&L Gates, LLP