June Murray-Crawford, FFC Advisory Committee

June Murray-Crawford has been a social studies teacher for 19 years. A graduate of Villanova University (BA) and Simmons College (MA), June has taught in a variety of locations from Boston, Mass., to Cali, Colombia. For the last 11 years she has taught World Cultures at Hudson High School in Hudson, Mass. The World Cultures courses were created when June’s students requested that she design a class that would engage them in study about the world beyond their Eurocentric World History curriculum. Travel has been a formative educational experience for June. As a child she spent time in Western Europe and since then has made it a priority to explore the world. She has since travelled to: El Salvador to work with educators at Escuela Americana; China, where in addition to hiking the Great Wall she taught 3 year olds at the Xian Children’s Palace how to sing “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”; Benin and Ghana, fulfilling a childhood dream of exploring a part of Africa and Russia. June has been the faculty advisor for the GSA, led student trips to the Peruvian Amazon, where her students delivered school and medical supplies to rural villages, designed curricula with Cultural Survival, a non-profit whose objective is to promote the voices of the indigenous communities of the world, and is serving her second term as President of the Hudson Education Association.

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