Andrew Ammerman

Andrew R. Ammerman, Board Member. CEO, Ammerman Investments

AndrewAndrew R. Ammerman attended Georgetown University and the University of Rochester, majoring in Asian-American Interdisciplinary Studies with a minor in theology. Andrew is the CEO of the Ammerman Partnerships located in Washington, DC.

Andrew is a former member of the Board of Regents of Georgetown University and is now acting in a community liaison capacity. The Ammerman’s Memorial Scholarship at Georgetown University has granted financial resources to over 500 students since 1975. Andrew supports a partnership between Georgetown University and Arena Stage involving students in all stages of the theatrical process including providing hands-on opportunities to work with Arena Stage staff and visiting artists.

Andrew serves on the honorary board of the Haberman Institute and is on the board of the Capital Jewish Museum. He is also on the Rabbi Harold S. White committee of MOMENT Magazine and is particularly active in the 22-39 year-old group at Washington Hebrew Congregation. Andrew is a former member of the Board of Governors for his alma mater, the Mercersburg Academy. The Ammerman Partnerships provides funds to over half the student body to attend plays and experience talkbacks during the academic year at Arena Stage.

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