FFC Awards

FFC Awards

In an effort to recognize and honor the people who have served as mentors and models for youth leaders, FFC has established several awards:


June Murray at podium smallTeacher’s Award for Peace Advocacy

In recognition of the influence of dedicated teachers on the hearts and minds of their students, FFC has sought to honor and encourage the work they do. These men and women constitute the front line in the effort to guide our young people into the maturity of thought and character required by society’s leaders. The annual Teacher’s Award for Peace Advocacy includes a $2,000 cash prize.



Mary Cosby with Mic 3Faith in Action Award

The Faith in Action Award is given to individuals who have demonstrated what can be accomplished when faith is put into action for the betterment of others. The first Faith in Action Award was presented to Mary Campbell Cosby during the 7th Children of Abraham Awards Ceremony.




Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award, proudly presented by FFC for dedicated service to children, was awarded to Mrs. Monika Tuerk, wife of the Austrian Ambassador to the U.S., His Excellency Helmut Tuerk. The presentation took place at the opening ceremonies of “Our Children’s Hope: Peace” at Georgetown University.



International Youth Awards

In 1996, FFC proudly presented its International Award to Cathryn Murray of Walnut Creek, California for outstanding work on a global level. Cathryn is a poet, mentor, and the founder of Global Teen Club International. The award was presented as a part of the program, “A Children’s Voice for Peace”.


National Awards

FFC’s National Awards were presented to Shawn Adkinson of Washington, D.C., who is a member of the Children’s Trust Neighborhood Initiative (CTNI) and the force behind CTNI’s performing and youth advocacy troupe, “Pounding for Peace,” and to Manuel Alcala of Dallas, Texas, who was also recognized as the Youth of the Year for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Dallas, Inc. The awards were presented as a part of the program, “A Children’s Voice for Peace”.