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Current Programs

Youth Leadership Grants

DevikaEarthGirlThis program, along with the Children of Abraham Awards Ceremonies, is possible through the generous collaboration of Campus Ministry at Georgetown University. The remarkable initiative displayed by participants in the Children of Abraham Peace Essay Contest motivated FFC to invest in both the particular projects they have undertaken and also their personal development as our future leaders. These high school students have researched the Abrahamic religious traditions, investigating topics like peace, leadership, and social justice, and used that knowledge to propose a creative project to benefit their community, their nation, or the world. Our leadership program is modeled after the highly successful micro-loan program for private businesses in developing countries started by Muhammad Yunus, the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize winner.

Youth Leadership Grants are presented to 10th and 11th grade students on the basis of the creativity, relevance, and viability of their proposed projects. We have found that the grant awards have far-reaching effects for these students, who have found themselves engaging with both family and community in new ways as they bring their chosen cause to the attention of concerned individuals.

Youth Leadership Grant topics have included:

Causes and consequences of corruption and the models offered by the Abrahamic faiths for overcoming it (2007-2008)
Responsible environmental stewardship through the values taught by the Abrahamic religions (2008-2009)
Compassion in action as exemplified by the leaders of the three Abrahamic faiths  (2009-2010)
Welcoming the stranger through the wisdom of the three faiths (2010-2011)
The role of the women present at the founding of the three faiths: Yocheved, Mary and Khadija (2011-2012)


Speaking Truth Documentary Film and Curriculum

MelissaMergnerFilmSpeaking Truth is a documentary film and high school curriculum that help teach the necessary skills for young people to be change-makers for peace.

A 2012 poll conducted by the Pew Research Center found that a third of all adults under 30 have no religious affiliation. As young people are bombarded by 24/7 media and the siren song of materialism, and as social disengagement is on the rise, what is filling this gap? What is providing the moral compass and courage that the world needs in its future leaders?

Many young people are still searching, with open hearts and minds, for grounding and inspiration. They want to make a positive difference in their world, and they are capable of viewing the world in a new and different way from generations past. Using examples from the past and present, Speaking Truth seeks to help young people fill that gap, find grounding and courage that crosses traditional boundaries, and step into their roles as future leaders for peace.


Children of Abraham Awards Ceremonies

2012-04-15 FFC Awards-161This program is possible through the generous collaboration of Campus Ministry at Georgetown University. The Children of Abraham Awards Ceremony honors the efforts of the young people who have chosen to participate in the Youth Leadership Grants program. We also honor the teachers who have provided invaluable guidance to those young people and countless others through the Teacher’s Award for Peace Advocacy.

The ceremony is an inspiring event in itself, weaving music, prayer, and wisdom from those who model leadership for peace into an uplifting afternoon. A keynote speaker, someone who has worked tirelessly towards the goals of peace and justice, shares wisdom from his or her own experiences. Youth Leadership Grant participants share their thoughts around the program topic and outline their proposed projects. And adult models are honored for their life’s work.

The goal of the Awards Ceremony is to provide young leaders with energy, hope, and inspiration as they move forward to implement their grant projects, and as they move toward being future leaders in society.


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